The big news!


I'm incredibly excited to announce my corporate-free campaign for the 2018 Santa Clarita City Council election. Today, we begin a people-powered campaign to build the city we know Santa Clarita can be. As the third largest city in Los Angeles County, we know Santa Clarita can, and in fact must be a beacon of economic prosperity, sustainable business, and justice in all forms - social, environmental, and political.

I believe with every fiber of my being that public service is about serving the public, not wealthy donors and powerful interests. If voters want a candidate that's bought and paid for by big developers and corporate cash, they'll have plenty to choose from. We're going to offer the people of Santa Clarita something different. Our clean money campaign is founded on the ideals of transparency, progress, and the dream of what Santa Clarita can become.

Over the next 483 days, we'll be hitting the streets and talking to ordinary people from every corner of Santa Clarita. I don't want to be the voice of our residents. I want residents to have their own voice, and throughout the course of this campaign we will be elevating and empowering our community to speak their truth.

A woman I admire immensely, Nina Turner, likes to remind us that we have two hands. One hand is for reaching forward, to the future. The other hand is for reaching back, to our friends, family, and neighbors in need.

Together, we will build a brighter future.

Thank you all. Let's do this.

#OurValley #OurVoice

Logan SmithComment